Booking of customized yarn bowl with scorched text, size large.

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A large yarn bowl with a scorched text on the bowl is the perfect gift for anyone who loves knitting!

The text will be made on your request, such as "happy knitting" or "just one more row". Please notice that the text can maximum be 20 letters and that the bowls are made-to-order, by means that it will take up to 7 business days for a bowl to be completed!

The yarn bowl is designed for keeping the yarn ball's in one place while knitting. There is room for having four yarn ball's in the yarn bowl at the same time, and there are carved out two traces in the bowl to keep having control over the yarn while knitting a fair isle garment.

The yarn bowl is just as functional as they are pretty, and one will get the experience that a yarn bowl is fairly addictive to any knitter.

The bowl is turned by machine, thereafter it is improved by hand to fit its function as a yarn bowl. The wooden material is bamboo and the measurement is 28 cm in diameter. Also, there is screwed three legs in brushed steel onto the bowls, for extra support and stability while knitting.

kr 800.00
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