Along with the fall of 2020, I intend to arrange workshops in natural dyeing and hand-spun yarn on Helene Olli Sollid's sheep farm 'Gripen Gard' located at Frekhaug, Bergen. Helene has previously arranged workshops amid 'Ullveka' (wool-week direct translation), as her farm is the perfect foundation for these particular workshops. The workshops are still being prepared, as more information and specific dates will follow consecutively.

Starting with summer 2020, it is possible to hire Vestrfell Garn as a lecturer and instructor in natural dyes and hand-spun yarn. The lecture conveys our cultural-historic background-, and heritage, as I present the archaeological finds for textile production in Norway that substantiates which part natural dyes and textile, have had in the daily lives of the world societies through time.

Please contact me if you desire more information,